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Our Misson

To reach the great cities of this planet with the love of God.

Our Services

We provide medical, dental, eye care and support services including radiology, laboratory and pharmacy services, plus preventive medicine, all completely FREE of charge.

Health is something we often don't appreciate until we lose it.  Help us meet the felt needs of those living in the great cities of the world, and so much more

Your Health

“I can't wait to do this again next year!  Count me in!”



Tennessee Volunteer

"I'll never look at a doctor the same again." 


Clinic patient, ordinary citizen

The Lives We Impact

April 23-24, 2014

2000 Treated free of charge at San Francisco Armory


                           April 8-10, 2015

                           Thousands to be                                   treated in San                                       Antonio, TX.               Enjoy nightly meetings, and stay for Sabbath to hear featured speakers Mark Finley, Ted Wilson and others.

April 25, 2014

1100 served in Oakland! 

Housing for San Antonio Event:

Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel.

Click `Have a Code' and enter `ALSI' as your GROUP CODE

Texas Temporary Medical License Applications

Texas Temporary License for Physicians or Surgeons 

who plan to practice at the Alamodome.

Texas Temporary License for Surgeons 

who plan to practice at the ​Central Texas Medical Center

Download all that apply.  Application is only two pages and already populated with event information.  Simply print, complete, and mail to Ann Burnett, VP for Credentialing.

Texas Temporary Dental License Applications

Please complete the attached application and mail it directly to:

Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
Attention: Linda Williams
333 Guadalupe, Tower 3, Suite 800
Austin, Texas 78701-3942

Tel# 512-463-6400

Also, please fax it to 352-873-3541.

You are also required to request and submit an original license verification that is signed and sealed or stamped by your state's dental board. Please have that sent directly to the Texas board too and order an additional one to be sent to:

Ann Burnett
Your Best Pathway to Health
4210 SW 58 Ave,
Ocala, FL 34474

If you have any questions regarding dental licensure, please call Ann Burnett, VP Credentialing @ 352-209-1900.

Complete all fields that are highlighted in yellow on both forms. 
Mail completed forms as well as your CV (curriculum vitae) and fax them to Ann Burnett at (352)873-3541

Surgeons: please request a self-query from the National

Practitioner Data Bank and fax the report as well.

Dentists and Dental Hygienists: Are you interested in volunteering for San Antonio? Call right away.  Deadlines for temporary licensure are here and time is of the essence.  (817) 295-0476

Registration is now open for

Pathway to Health Spokane!

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